About Us

Who we are

We are a team of professionals that brought you a multifunctional Medical Software. For us the main thing is not to make money, but to accommodate people in need. To do this we create software that makes life as convenient as possible.

We don’t like bureaucracy. In big monolite companies staff members spend a lot of time on making and writing reports. This is not the way we choose to work. Aionys are a group of old friends who want to make a difference in the world.

Our team is focused on results. We are experts at what we do, which is solving difficult problems of our clients for the past 5 years. As we try to help more than earn, we follow the most modern methods of reducing expenses. This will help you to save your funds allocated to the project being implemented.

We just want to do our job to the best possible abilities and to bring results to our clients.

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What we do

We create customer software and make tough managerial decisions. These include accounting systems, automatic calculation algorithms, distribution systems for medical workers, price lists of services with the possibility of remote access, employee information database, etc.

With our decision making you will optimize your business processes. It will reduce costs for medical personnel and increase profits.

We Are Professionals of
Management and Strategy Planning

Alexey Grebennikov

Co-Founder & CEO

Julia Kolomiytseva

VP of sales and marketing

Oluwaseun Newton

Chief operating officer