Setting new standards

We are a team of record-breakers and achievers that recognizes digital challenges. Team A craves the latest industry trends to deliver solutions ahead of the time. We fight outdated schemes to set new standards of high-quality services with daring and precision for you, our business partners. Team A isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Team A values

We are here for our partners to succeed in the dynamic world of business and technology. We strongly believe that success calls for daring and transformation.

Committed to developing
our talent pool and building expertise,
we multiply efficiency and make
daring decisions.
We are dedicated to altering
strategies that don’t work anymore,
and we are passionate about
growing and moving forward.
We create outside-of-the-box
solutions by adding your industry
experience to Team A’s
result-oriented development.
Team spirit
We are a united team
of coworkers and big crossfit
fans. We know the value of
discipline, concentration, and
teamwork when reaching our goals.

Team A Workflow

With the power of doing what we’re best at, the Aionys team makes tailored solutions for achieving your business objectives. Like you, we aim high.

Agile approach

We keep promises and deliver timely releases with regular standup retrospectives and iteration reporting.

Setting new standards

We stand for creative and individual approaches to tailor your product for the ultimate user experience.

Team training

We invest in teamwork and support professional development initiatives to grow competence and loyalty.


We guarantee process clarity and visibility built on close collaboration, frequent communication, and non-stop involvement.

Project updates

You get regular reports in pdf, audio, or video formats. Have a pick of the format and expert you want to deal with.

24/7 support

We provide post-release support and emergency calls to action in order to meet the changing requirements of end users.

Businessmates Approach

We preach the cooperation model so we can all be team players.
A business partner as opposed to simply a client is into non-stop interaction and head-on involvement in building task solutions. Your knowledge of business needs powered with Team A skills makes solutions that work.