A US hospital contacted Team A to design a digital middleman between patients and medical personnel. The main concern was catering to patients who had to be immobilized as a result of a serious medical condition or severe injury.


A cleaning company approached Team A to deliver to them a staff management platform. With a growing number of cleaning and maintenance staff along with supervision hurdles, the company was on the verge of complete financial loss and were unable to optimize time and task ratios, keep track of process status, and control checkpoints.

Care Craft

Taking legal and health matters to heart, we were proud to get a client providing healthcare services (this project is protected by an NDA) to deliver a product that will make a difference. The company is a committed provider of quality services that not only treats patients professionally but also safeguards personal data efficiently.


Located in a busy sightseeing area, our client (who is protected by an NDA) has no lack of tourists all year round. It started out with a hotel only, later adding numerous eating facilities.


Another one of our partners (a company protected by an NDA) is a car rental business catering to the needs of travelers in eastern American. Rising to meet the growing demand for car rentals in the US and recognizing green approaches, the company has redesigned its policy.

Medical Care platform

Insight Memory Care Center provides services for individuals with cognitive impairments in the DC metro area. Initially, an organization focused on Alzheimer’s disease, they now offer care and support programs, as well as design education projects to help people dealing with memory-loss conditions, including families and caregivers.


Matrapac is an established producer and supplier of chemicals in Europe. It offers oil products for large, medium, and small businesses.


Florti is focused on providing services to purchase flowers directly from the growers. They also offer transportation.