Care Craft

Customer: Care Craft
Technologies: React Native .Net Core 2+ Identity Server OATH 2
Duration: 12 months

  • Alex
    Full stack developer

  • Igor
    Full stack developer

  • Stas
    Full stack + mobile developer

  • Artem
    Architect + full stack developer

  • Alexey
    Team lead

The challenge

Taking legal and health matters to heart, we were proud to get a client providing healthcare services (the project is protected by the NDA) to deliver a product that will make a difference. The company is a committed provider of quality services that not only treats patients professionally but also safeguards personal data efficiently.


Power in details

The US company has a growing customer base and faces hot-button issues of strict security and privacy standards. In order to enter the domain of HIPAA regulated services, they asked us to build a product meeting strict data security requirements.

To shape the medical platform according to the specifications, our experts focused on HIPAA regularities, access verification, and data encryption, crucial for safe medical software.

Key achievements

We set technical safeguards as our highest priority with controlling access, audit, integrity, and transmission security. The project was powered with the features:

  • 2-step verification
  • document management services with encryption and cropped versions to ensure the privacy of patients’ health information
  • monitoring software
  • reporting tools to notify of alerts and potential threats.

The delivered end product is now successfully used to cater to a growing number of patients. Positive feedback from medical staff and patients’ satisfaction, along with increased ROI are the best rewards.