Customer: Under NDA
Technologies: React native Node js
Duration: 6+ months

  • Alex
    Full stack developer

  • Stas
    Full stack + mobile developer

  • Artem
    Architect +full stack developer

  • Ivan
    React native developer

  • Igor
    React native developer

  • Andrew
    React native developer

  • Nikolay
    Senior react native developer

  • Philip
    React native developer

  • Alexey
    Team lead

The challenge

Our businessmate (the company is NDA protected) is a car rental business catering to the needs of travelers in the American East. Rising to meet the growing demand of car rentals in the US and recognizing green approaches, the company has redesigned its policy. They have enlarged and updated their pool of vehicles.

The businessmate was set on powering an eco-friendly carpool with a strengthened mobile application. They wanted to provide jet fast services of renting cars for travelers still in the air to give a smooth hire experience.


Power in details

Close collaboration and active teamwork with the businessmate in developing requirements let us focus on high-priority features. The main concern was the financial security of end users. We built in an easy and convenient payment system to guarantee secure transactions.

Key achievements

Providing a wide scope of services, Aionys specializes in optimizing apps and integrating solutions. We developed a payment system with such core features as:

  • voice recognition payments and user account access
  • integrating insurance
  • account freeze when illegal and threatening activities are reported, etc.

Enriching the app with the payment system was for the company’s benefit, i.e. 18% profit rise. End users also reported voice recognition to provide fraud-free authentication increasing trust.

Transparent transactions, cutting-edge protection, advanced payment, and billing options combined with an intuitive interface create safe car rental experiences.