Customer: Matrapac
Team: 4 full stack developers
full stack team lead
Duration: 12 months+
Technologies: .Net Core
React Native

The challenge

Matrapac is an established producer and supplier of chemicals in Europe. It offers oil products for large enterprises, middle, and small businesses. For Matrapac, safety comes first.

Matrapac turned to Aionys to utilize technology for smoother and easier-to-run operations. We saw both the necessity and potential for combining the digital and the safe, balanced with our expertise and client’s requirements. Lowering human factor risks, limiting equipment downtime, automating and customizing business processes were the specified requirements.



Creating a platform to ship chemicals isn’t a task to take lightly. To meet Matrapac business logic, Team A pointed out the challenges of updating data in real time and making identical interfaces for a multitude of devices and platforms used by truck drivers and equipment operators.

Team A wove digital magic, from creating a user-friendly design and required functionality to launching and maintaining the software.

The application got a real-time dashboard to keep track of live fleet, available equipment and provide geolocation and geofencing solutions for vehicles on the road.

Reporting solutions included:

  • PDF/excel
  • photo or video attachments
  • monitoring and alerting tools to notify the appropriate staff of maintenance and fix completion
  • out-of-order alerts for immediate warnings and urgent fixes.

The platform was made to streamline comprehensive administrative features and support day-to-day operations.
In the end, Team A delivered the product that not only improves performance by 19% but also complies with the required labor and safety standards.