Medical Care platform

Customer: Harpeth Consultant Advisory Group
Technologies: Angular 4+
.Net Core 2+
Duration: 2,5 months

  • Stas
    Full stack + mobile developer

  • Alexey
    Team lead

The challenge

Insight Memory Care Center provides services for individuals with cognitive impairment in the DC metro area. Initially, an organization focused on Alzheimer’s disease, now they offer care and support programs, as well as design education projects to help people dealing with memory-loss conditions, including families and caregivers.

The number of people suffering from memory impairment is on the constant rise and has already reached 16 million. The Center had difficulty in coping with the increasing pressure. They turned to Team A for systemization and automatization solutions as management tasks took too much time and effort.


Power in details

Analyzing the challenges, Team A paid extra attention to the processes of the Center. As a result, we discovered that not only staff but also patients’ management are worth optimizing.

Solutions for patients:

  • Multiple rehabilitation programs with progress fixation
  • Ability to choose program outcomes
  • Various intervention choices and care levels

Solutions for caregivers:

  • Easy-to-operate database of patients’ medical cards
  • Task management and time tracking for medical staff
  • Schedule management of patients to monitor calendar events and notifications

Key achievements

Our main focus was on designing both a resilient and easy-to-manage platform with wide functionality:

  • An intuitive database of patients’ records with strong data security
  • A system to monitor patients’ engagement levels, track results and plan health care activities with in-built alerts
  • Rehab courses with improvement points
  • Socialization features of purposeful communication activities, mind and body workshops
  • Staff scheduling and time management system, as well as pro-development and counseling programs.

After implementing the platform, the Center reported a 29% increase in the efficiency of caregivers, as well as positive feedback on health care transparency from patients’ families.

Insight Memory Care Center knows that caring for memory-challenged adults takes courage, patience, and adaptability. We know what it takes to make software intuitive, healthcare regulation compliant and device responsive.

Founder, Principal | Harpeth Consultant Advisory Group Greater Nashville Area, TN
We could not find a program that did what we needed it to do; leaving the only option – build our own! This is where Alexey and Elena Rad of Aionys came in!! Alexey worked with me one on one going through multiple iterations of platforms and consistently answered every question. At the end of the day, we got a platform that met (and exceeded) our expectations! And even after the platform was launched and we had some follow up requests, Alexey addressed every one of them, as well as worked with our internal IT team. As they say, sometimes the stars just align!”