How to Make Your Hotel Mobile App Successful

Developing a high-quality mobile app is a necessary step for your hotel business. This will increase your customer base, because you will be giving potential visitors practicality and convenience. Those can only be achieved with a good mobile application. Mobile apps forecasts are promising with expected revenue of $189 billion in 2020.

Hotel Mobile App Development Recommendations

Top tech trends for hotel apps

First of all, your app needs a logical and simple layout. You don’t need big words and complicated functions: the simpler the app, the more convenient it is for your visitors and employees. It’s a good idea to have the app design resemble the visual style of your hotel. 

After that you will need to fill your layout with the functions that you provide at your hotel. For example, the “order room service” or “call maid” buttons. You also need to create a gallery with photos of the rooms and staff. Having photographs of hotel room details for a mobile application is necessary. 

Secondly, your application needs the “book a room” function. A simple booking form is preferable.

Thirdly, mobile check-in allows the built-in calendar to calculate the days of stay at the hotel, similar to short-term rental services.

And of course, your application must have a “leave feedback” function. This way, your future customers will be able to form an opinion about your hotel, and you will be able to improve the weak points, if there are any.

What is a hotel mobile app used for?

Wondering what is a hotel property management system (PMS) for your business? First of all, it is a good marketing move. 

For the customer, a hotel’s mobile application is a real opportunity to quickly book a room without leaving their home or car. In the modern world, when everyone is glued to their smartphones, people are not used to making calls anymore. 

It’s easier for visitors to just download your application and select the room they need.

Here are the main benefits of using a hotel mobile app for your business:

  • Staff management and task scheduling.
  • Price management.
  • Your guests will be able to see their room in advance. Providing your customers with choices is the key to success!
  • The guests can order room service without making any unnecessary old-fashioned calls. 
  • The guests can also call the maid, staff or private security when needed.
  • You will be able to read reviews left by your visitors, correct possible issues and improve your services. This will take your hotel to a new level.

As you can see, your hotel application is a direct reflection of your ability to take care of your guests.

Hotel booking app development

Developing an app is not done in a single day. This will be the face of your business, and you will need to engage the PR department, business analysts, and a team of people who can work out the exact strategy for supporting the application in the future. This is the only way your application will be successful with potential visitors.

Commercial property management systems must be perfectly built, otherwise the hotel business will only suffer losses. To prevent this, you need powerful hotel management software that will help you establish your hotel business and reach a new level of professionalism.

Which hotel booking app is the best?

Here is a list of the top hotel applications that can be used as an example to base your app on: 

  • Agoda
  • Hotellok
  • OneTwoTrip
  • AccorHotels, etc.

Most of these  reliable and time-tested applications are available for both iOS and Android users. They have a lot of traffic and a large number of positive reviews. What’s even more important – customers trust them.

Hotel apps enrich yser experience

What is last-minute booking?

Even the most reputable hotels around the world offer last minute packages: large discounts for booking rooms on short notice.

Last minute booking is beneficial not only for your clients! As long as people think they are saving, the hotel makes big profits. After all, the lower the price, the more customers will be interested.

This is your chance to not only attract your target audience with reasonable prices but also keep them coming back by offering high-quality services. Convert them into regular hotel guests who will be ready to pay the full price knowing that your team are reliable!

Tips for Using Your Hotel Management System

Implementing the right technology and database is only half the battle. Knowing the right business processes, organizational resources and performance indicators is the key to success. There are two main recommendations for you:

Focus on data analysis and business intelligence

Analytical tools are becoming more complex and serve as the core function of next-generation commercial PMS.

The resulting insights can have such advantages: improving the effectiveness of marketing, sales and customer service. Key stakeholders can track hotel occupancy trends, guest demographics, market position, and hotel revenue.

Create an accurate management strategy 

Without this, your business will not succeed. If you are a good hotelier you can create a smart strategy that will bring pleasure to guests and profit for the hotel. 

To get the most out of your hotel business, you need predictive analytics. They help to calculate the potential demographics of your guests and their approximate number.

And, of course, if you want to create a reliable mobile application for your hotel, then you must have a strict privacy policy. Your company should ensure your guests’ safety and the security of their data. 

Power your hotel with an app

Make an App to Move Forward

Nowadays, if your hotel does not have its own application, no one will know about it. 

Running the hotel property management system is a difficult task that only real professionals can handle. If you want to conduct your business in a modern way, provide high quality services for guests and ensure comfortable working conditions for your staff, you need a high-quality app.

Our team of experts has experience in delivering hotel solutions – Guestable– and can help you develop powerful software and provide you with assistance to make your hotel business prosper.