In the era of digitizing day-to-day activities, online finances are growing leaps and bounds, with web and mobile channels already domineering - about 65% of smartphone users have at least one banking app installed in the US. We help our partners build secure, customer-centered, sustainable solutions.

Empowering Features

Fintech apps have to be empowered with rich functionality to simplify and secure banking, ecommerce, insurance, investment, and other financial services. We develop an intuitive design to make sure the requirements of your end users come first. High-security standards are our chief priority.

Account management
Data security
Risk assessment
Notification system
ATM/bank location awareness
In-app payment integration
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what we’ve done

Niche challengers

First digital financial pioneers date back to the 1990s. They have established high-quality benchmarks which have since been strengthened by a number of groundbreaking features. Fintech giants keep competitors in awe.


Founded in 1998, PayPal has developed a worldwide reputation for guaranteeing safe internet transactions. With over 260 million accounts, 9.9 billion payments ( $15.5 billion) were made in 100 currencies, according to 2018 stats. PayPal is famous for providing one-click transactions with the option of password memory, along with protecting both buyers and sellers. It is buyers, though, who enjoy utmost protection. Operating in 200 countries, the company is definitely up to the task of keeping a top position in the market for decades to come.


After storming into the industry of online and mobile finances in 2004, Alipay outdid PayPal in 2013. Ever since the company has won worldwide leadership with 520 million users. Alipay accounts require double passwords for logging in and making money transfers, along with installing digital certificates to boost the security of online transactions. The platform offers varying settlement time frames for different payment systems.

WeChat Pay

Established in 2013, mobile payments were offered on WeChat platform. Now an in-app billing method, they have been fast to take off. In 2013, 150,000 Xiaomi phones were sold in less than 10 minutes. In 2019, WeChat Pay was reported to be the largest mobile payment platform boasting over 1 billion users. The app targets a huge audience on WeChat.