Digitizing healthcare with well-crafted apps is rich with opportunities for your business.

A clear design and powerful features should be immaculately implemented in order to get better medical outcomes and higher satisfaction rates.

Empowering Features

For a healthcare application, it is important to win the trust of medical professionals and patients alike. 

The people-first strategy is a strong basis for medical software development.

Task and time management
Push notifications and alerts
Patient health record
Personalized treatment and rehabilitation programs
Built-in messengers for medical staff and patients
Employee scheduling
2-Step verification
Appointment calendars
Niche challengers

Digital healthcare services have just started gaining traction. Still, there are big-name companies that have already seen the industry potential and are fast to build reputation and trust. Analyze the profiles of the startup hits to see what ideas they invest in.

Verge Genomics

Founded in 2015, the team of digital experts and biomedical scientists have been pioneering a breakthrough approach to minimize the drug discovery pattern and trial processes. Verge Genomics integrates machine learning and lab researches to automate cure discovery powered by genomic data.


Cambridge based, this startup centers efforts on utilizing artificial intelligence to discover cures for rare diseases and decrease clinical trial periods. The aim is to repurpose existing drugs for rare medical conditions with no treatment so far, listed in HealNet. It is the largest database of documented interactions between physicians and patients.

Verge Genomics

Founded in 2017, the US startup is known for introducing the healthcare blockchain network in compliance with HIPAA. It offers sharing options (initiated by patients) of medical records with specialists. By consolidating medical data and sharing it with researchers, patients can also make a profit and get paid with cryptocurrency.