Fast evolving into the web and mobile era, hospitality ecosystems wrap services, speed, and comfort into time-saving, experience-enhancing IT solutions. To satisfy end users’ social cravings and digital concerns, we accompany our clients on the adventure of targeting niche challenges to make the difference.

Features to build on

To set up effective and responsive apps, we look beyond designs and zero in on the set of must-have features to place opportunities at your customers’ fingertips. Step-by-step pictorial guidance is at the heart of every interface we create.

Booking engine
In-app payments
In-app concierge
Virtual tours
Billing systems
Inventory checks
Staff management
Integration with other services
Niche challengers

Despite the huge hospitality potential, there are renowned platforms that rock the industry and showcase success. Study market leaders to build on the strengths, digitize your ideas and get ahead of the competition.


Founded in 2016, Tally is obsessed with cutting-edge innovation and stellar user experiences. With the aim of streamlining payments at bars and clubs, the services of opening, paying and closing a tab, as well as paying tips were successfully set up. The company shows no traces of slowing down massively investing in artificial intelligence.

eZee Absolute

In 2005, an Indian startup made the move to the hospitality market. Now eZee offers numerous solutions on Android and iOS platforms to manage property, bookings, loyalty programs, etc. Powered by AI, high-tech solutions have been launched and regularly updated.


For Google and Apple-powered devices, there is a free crowd-sourcing platform to share knowledge of dining venues. Yelp has reached the very top of the-food-on-the-go industry by providing insights both on well-known restaurants and hole-in-the-wall establishments. The app harnesses the power of great functionality with diverse filters.