In the care team management module, the patient can view the members
of his care team and invite new ones. Health workers also have access to
events that have occurred with patients, such as:

Care Craft

To shape the medical platform according to the specifications, our experts focused on HIPAA regularities, access verification, and data encryption, crucial for safe medical software.

We set technical safeguards as our highest priority with controlling access, audit, integrity, and transmission security. The project was powered with the features:

  • 2-step verification
  • document management services with encryption and cropped versions to ensure the privacy of patients’ health information
  • monitoring software
  • reporting tools to notify of alerts and potential threats.

The delivered end product is now successfully used to cater to a growing number of patients. Positive feedback from medical staff and patients’ satisfaction, along with increased ROI are the best rewards.

Medical Care platform

Analyzing the challenges, Team A paid extra attention to the processes at the center. As a result, we discovered that not only staff but also patient management is worth optimizing.

Solutions for patients

  • Multiple rehabilitation programs with progress fixation
  • Ability to choose program outcomes
  • Various intervention choices and care levels

Solutions for caregivers

  • Easy-to-operate database of patients’ medical cards
  • Task management and time tracking for medical staff
  • Schedule management of patients to monitor calendar events and notifications

Our main focus was on designing a resilient, easy-to-manage platform that had wide functionality:

  • An intuitive database of patient records with strong data security
  • A system to monitor patient engagement levels, track results, and plan healthcare activities with in-built alerts
  • Rehabilitation courses with improvement points
  • Socialization features for purposeful communication activities and mind and body workshops
  • Staff scheduling and time management system, as well as pro-development and counseling programs.

After implementing the platform, the Insight Memory Care Center reported a 29% increase in the efficiency of caregivers, as well as positive feedback on health care transparency from patients’ families.

The Insight Memory Care Center knows that caring for memory-challenged adults takes courage, patience, and adaptability. We also know what it takes to make software intuitive, healthcare-regulation compliant, and device responsive.