Understanding the core processes in the hospitality industry was a starting point. We then launched the market research for product development to study the market, trends, off-the-shelf products, and the features. Team A later outlined sought-after guest room management options and next-generation hotel functionality in order to meet our partner’s needs.

Tailoring perfect hospitality experiences comes with high-tech hotel room controls and devices, along with yummy restaurant options at the guests’ fingertips.

Our end-to-end system has an intuitive interface and easy-to-use functionality:

  • Smart home components – locking/unlocking the door, easy control of appliances in a hotel room (e.g. a fireplace, an air conditioning system, a vacuum cleaner, etc.) from a smartphone, etc.
  • QR code door lock and express check-in/check-out
  • Integrating hotel and restaurant software (reservation and table management, e-menus, point of sale, housekeeping, and an assortment of other features to increase efficiency)
  • Voice control, etc.

Streamlining hotel and restaurant operations with the help of the system, our partner presented such advantages as increased rates of staff efficiency (19%) and guest satisfaction with staying connected (30%) in the annual report.

Spicing up hospitality with functions for a comfortable time at the hotel and delicious restaurant experiences, the platform focuses on the guests’ needs to optimize hospitality staffing.