Creating a platform to ship chemicals isn’t a task to take lightly. In order to meet Matrapac business logic, Team A pointed out the challenges of updating data in real time and making identical interfaces for a multitude of devices and platforms used by truck drivers and equipment operators.

Team A wove digital magic, from creating a user-friendly design and required functionality to launching and maintaining software.

The application got a real-time dashboard to keep track of live fleet, available equipment, and provide geolocation and geofencing solutions for vehicles on the road.

Reporting solutions included:

  • PDF/excel
  • Photo or video attachments
  • Monitoring and alerting tools to notify the appropriate staff of maintenance and fix completion
  • Out-of-order alerts for immediate warnings and urgent fixes.

The platform was made to streamline comprehensive administrative features and support day-to-day operations. In the end, Team A delivered a product that not only improves performance by 19% but it also complies with the required labor and safety standards.


In collaboration with Florti, we centered our efforts on dealing with greenery and delivering it in perfect condition to specify the requirements of the project. We faced the challenge of logistics, reporting, price forming, and chatbot development.

With quality as the backbone of Florti services, we set the matching priorities of building authority and delivering expertise to customers. An intuitive interface and understated design came along with data processing services of collecting and updating information for a bidding system, listing, and categorizing goods, making an in-built system of filters and evaluations.

Logistics management software was made to:
optimize routes based on distance, user priorities, and deadlines
– schedule appointments and deliveries
– track orders
– monitor temperature regimes of the deliverables
send notifications at intermediate points and final destinations, as well as alerts informing of the order’s critical condition.

Business communication solutions were delivered for call center reps to deal with drivers and employees working in the field, as well as managing orders, vehicles, carriers, and consignors. Along with a checklist of vehicle conditions and a motor pool, we also included report generation on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

The customized platform ensures a seamless user experience and smooth shipping logistics with the actual ROI of 11% more than what is expected.