Every Home Healthcare Service must comply in accordance with the needs of company’s policy and it’s clients. It is highly important to comply with these rules to the maximum. Otherwise, the benefits of company’s product is lost in translation and the employee’s work is not as effective.

With the development of our software keys the service quality is profoundly improved for your patients. These keys designed to significantly aid employees of Home Healthcare Companies to perform their daily tasks.

Information processing with healthcare solutions

Currently, millions of US citizens have medical insurance. Nearly 1 in 5 people have a disability and need care in a home. Needed assistance should be provided fast and of excellent quality. To ensure such a level of service, collection and systematization of information is necessary. Here are some examples:

  • Patient’s personal data;
  • List of their prescription drugs and medication;
  • Medical records;
  • Accounting/billing information;
  • Privacy practicing of the client data according HIPAA laws and regulations.

We can either finetune healthcare applications you are using or help to develop one from scratch to collect information automatically.

Functional advantages

Our software solutions are simple, but practical in use. They have the following functional advantages:

  • Creation of a secure pipeline between the company and the client;
  • Storing required information in one system;
  • An easy process for bill paying;
  • Ability to view a history of the company interaction;
  • A way to sign documents online.

Just imagine how you can improve the business quality provided, using our private home nursing software solutions! By filtering out uneffective employees, your company will run smooth leaving only motivated staff who does an excellent job! In turn, the daily performance of employees will also be much easier. With our help keys you will use abilities to track any position, clocking in and out, employees’ performance and clients’ feedback.

Achieving the main goal

To summarize it is necessary to mention that you can achieve the main goal of introducing our solutions into your workflow has never been so swift and straightforward. So, with the implementation of Home Healthcare aide solutions, by improving performance, removing repetitive work, you will be able to save money, time, and effort, which is the key to your successful business!

Percistly successful, because you started work to help people with extra needs. With our help, you can pay bills without any diligences, change insurance plans and providers, be able to search and filter personal and medical information, look at the meetings schedule, get full information on current programs/discounts and much much more!

You will be able to see positive changes in your company’s workflow within days of using our solutions!