Elderly Monitoring and Alerting system

Using the elderly monitoring systems allows you to enhance the efficiency of patient care. After all, the elderly needs looking after 24/7, performing regular health checkups of vital signs.

To accomplish this we help with software development for smartphones with Android and iOS, as well as for other devices. Our software solution backend run on the .net platform. They are ample in their functionality which is fused with an effortless applicability.

Principles of mobile alerting systems performance

The work principles of mobile alerting systems are elaborated next. The patient puts on sensors that perform continuous diagnosis of his/her health status. These sensors are comfortable while wearing them. These sensors take patients vital signs and send them to an electro database at specific times. It collects a following a list of health indicators:

Heart rate

Blood pressure


Number of respiratory movements

Body temperature

After the information is collected in the database, they are quickly processed. If the indicators differ significantly from normal, this is immediately notified to the medical staff and the patient’s relatives. Staff immediately takes action: go to him and help. So, by monitoring the patient’s status, one can ensure the safety of his stay at home, outside the hospital.

Additional benefits of our solutions

It is also worth mentioning the additional benefits of our patient’s monitoring solution. There are such characteristics that help to make customer care simply superb:

  • Ability to save health care history;
  • Any remote device with Wi-Fi or any device online;
  • Tracking patient GPS location.
  • Smart alerting system.

Our team develops help keys in such a way that they fully meet the needs of patients. Medical professionals will take care of patients with ease and improve their performance in general.

At the request of the customer, we can adjust the development of software according to the required parameters. Customizing may be required due to the peculiarities of the work of each company. Thus, our solutions have all the required functions and tools.

We make caring for the patients much more productively!