The head of any company certainly knows how important to properly implement employee task management. Even if we are talking about a small company, efficiency of the management system is extremely important. On this depends on whether the business will be successful.

Speaking of the work processes in the field of Home Healthcare, we must understand that the success implies the quality of patient care and the degree of their satisfaction. Therefore, the companies should to define daily tasks for employees in such a way that they work as efficiently as possible.

Advantages of our workflow planning software

We can help to develop the effective workflow planning software. Our solutions allow you to make the workflow of employees the most productive. One can single out the advantages that application has:

High level of detail (common, custom and special tasks)

The ability to view history and tasks in the “online” mode

Automatic management with external monitoring capability

Workflow planning software is equipped with a calendar planner that creates a call schedule for nurses to the working day’s beginning. During the execution of medical procedures with patients, they are given status “works”. Once they are exempted, their status changes to “free” and the system identifies it.

If in according to schedule the employee’s tasks are ends, but he wants to continue working, planner in a few seconds selects a new client for him. Selection is carried out in agreement with the location of the employee, his skills, salary level and reviews from patients. If the employee has tasks, but he wants to finish the working day, the system will redistribute its among the other members of the company’s team.

Benefits from the introduction of developments

Now let’s look at the benefits you receive from the implementation of our development solutions. The advantages list are the following:

  • Reduced time to manage workflows;
  • A foolproof report of the completed tasks;
  • All staff can easily perform their work day without difficulties.

It is important that apps, which you choose for work, are simple to use. Even on the first day of using, employees can almost completely master them.

As you yourself could see, the implementation of the new scheduling systems in Healthcare workflows will significantly optimize them. We help to develop and configure applications in a way that fully corresponds to the tasks performed.

We have an excellent software solution for the best results!