Our company creates various management systems that help home care companies in their work. These software solutions were developed using .net platform. They work excellent on sites, smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems and the interface user-friendly. There is a possibility of providing creation help for other devices, upon request.

The most important criterion is the realization of cross-platform development for the end product and its features. Undoubtedly, highly specialized management tools can be useful as well, but with a less large-scale activity of the company, they will not be enough. Since we are talking about apps for Home Healthcare Companies, it is precisely what we are referring to.

Significant application capabilities

If you decide to use mobile applications, you can get a number of comprehensive benefits. They will perform a wide range of activities:

  • Management of employees’ interaction with patients;
  • Employee work evaluating;
  • Generating employee schedule according to various parametres (location, skills, pay, feedbacks);
  • Reporting system;
  • Performance and feedback level;
  • Calculating salary per month based on the specific rate.

We provide high-quality development, so you can confident in software management of your business processes.

Convenience employee schedule creator

To visually demonstrate the practicality of using apps, let’s give a simple example – an employee schedule creator. It works in automatic mode, performing the following operations:

  • Analyzes staff members information;
  • Foolproof aid assignment based on specific requirements;
  • Automatic ability to replace employee which busy or ended workday already;
  • Implementation of interoffice communication.

All details are collected in the electronic database. Supervisor receive schedule and he can change or reschedule it. The system automatically picks a specific employee to go to the appropriate address if any of aides skip her visit. In the meantime, the employees will receive a text with the address of the patient, whose house they should visit, and potential bonus of this visit if required. Since the program is functioning automatically, management personnel doesn’t need to carry out governance, only receive notification and approve or reject schedule or replacement.

Estimation of profitability

To sum it up, it is necessary to answer the question: how much profits will be received by the company that uses applications? The answer is simple: a great deal!

Their use will significantly save money, time and labor resources. Immediate positive results, confirming the effectiveness of the software. The results will speak for themselves!

Our solutions will surely meet your expectations!