We immutably guarantee the high quality of development and application testing. This is confirmed by the fact that we work until the moment of reaching the clients stated goal!

Customers Support

If the user encounters annoying problems, related to business resources, the practical valuable of the product is lost. In order to eliminate these bugs, the product must be of high quality and tested. Identifying all potential problems and usability issues can be a complex and time-consuming task.

But not for us! We can quickly and effectively identify an obstacle. Our products are fully tested by quality assurance engineers. We offer various QA consulting services for our customers, such as manual and automated testing. Briefly, we can characterize these methods in the following concepts.

Manual testing

This is a convenient key to identifying usage issues. QA engineers act as end-users and verify that all application functions work correctly and fully comply with the specification requirements.

We provide the ability and tools to deliver your product with a faster time to market, as well as measurable improvements in quality and cost. Using our services allows you to identify shortcomings when they are less expensive to fix.

Automated testing

Numerous repetitions of identical test cases are a waste of time and money. Automatic tests can be written once, and then they can be run in the future quickly and at any frequency. This ensures the profitability of projects and guarantees a long service life.

That’s why we are a leading provider of test automation, combining the benefits of speed and cost savings from software testing automation with inexpensive offshore testing resources.

We will help you fix the defects before they start to incur losses. With our help you will make the interaction with customers extremely effective!