Aionys contributes to the medical field by offering multiple complex solutions optimizing your business strategy to the full extent. We apply our expertise knowledge in various software development services: requirements engineering, specification analysis, system integration, quality assurance and/or including revisions. Our innovational approach is your impeccable result!

Web Development


Our work principle is as follows: we architect the processes of your organization to get a better idea what unexpected costs to avoid and to maximize productivity. Also, much attention is paid to process control to improve the performance of your business. We help you identify potentially difficult points in order to improve management of your staff, to increase their value, efficiency and motivation. So we create fully customizable software solutions.

Briefly, our approach is listed below:

  • Process analysis
  • Displaying our workflow cases
  • Business and technological innovation
  • Developing a strategy for your company
  • Crafting roadmaps
  • Choosing the right decision

Prototyping software and UX

Our goal is to stimulate the adoption of software by users and to create a model for your solution, taking into an account future growth. We conduct an analysis to align the overall experience with your business objectives and user needs, also to allow you to make decisions using the working process model. This is done as follows:

  • Definition of technical, business and technological requirements
  • Development of the initial prototype
  • Creating layouts
  • Setting usability Indicators
  • Viewing results
  • Revising and improving the prototype

Development and testing

We have been working on the development of medical software for more than 5 years. And we can QA so that you can reduce costs when creating a functional, scalable and secure solution. After which we can assist you with the following functions using Agile’s advanced solutions:

  • Predicting the price of each function supported by Agile
  • Extensive experience in the field of medical development
  • Automatic testing framework for websites, mobile devices and APIs
  • Full testing cycle, including functional testing, stress, ease of use, integration and user interface


We guarantee the quality and high efficiency of our applications. But, if you have any additional wishes or any difficulties with using of applications, we will provide you assistance in correcting the incidents! In the briefest time we will be able to:

  • Make the necessary corrections
  • To present our innovations to you
  • Bring new features into the operating mode

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