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Why Do You Need System Integration?

All Healthcare Organizations use a different variety of accounting and management systems in their work. There are numerous systems since a lot of data has to be processed. These companies use software for recruiting, managing profiles, tracking staff work time, CRM, tracking visits, etc. System integration is a reasonable way out of tediously detailed history reports.

In some cases companies choose one program for the hiring process when they start up, as they grow in size they might choose another one for the client database and when they are proficient may pick recruting or any other tool to track nurses clock in/out time. Based on our vast knowledge, separate departments in the same company might need different products. The reality is, when implementing these in a different manner these solutions become headaches that are complex and are not inconvenient.

Using separate these Healthcare services usually lead to confusion in the workflow, time-consuming and cost double or merely create problems with the cross-application data transfer.

Last time we dealt with a company that needed to update their clients information daily. It took more than two employees to transfer data from one system to the other. It was fairly expensive and took us a while to complete. To exclude such clutter, optimize the workflow and obtain the necessary information, it is essential to integrate all systems into one.

What are the advantages of system integration?

To be more clear in our narrative, let’s take a closer look at the advantages of implementing system integration. Through the implementation, you can achieve the following results:

Eliminate manual work

Saving time and money

An uninterrupted and ongoing processes

Increase working satisfaction

Improving department work

Working with the latest information

Copy/Paste data is a repetitive task which is ineffective and unprofitable. These routine jobs are hard to fill as they are tedious and dull. For example, one of the clients we had the pleasure to work with, had an extensive 10,000 patients and medical specialists list that obtained other crucial information and updated on nightly basis.

Searching for data has never been this quick and easy as the information collected automatically in the corresponding place and correct format. An automatic update allows specialists and other staff members to be able to instantly find any piece of information in any department without leaving one screen of their PC.

Potential objects of the association

Now let’s look at what elements can uniform under Healthcare software. We have an experience integrate following components:

  • Recruiting;
  • Billings;
  • Reporting;
  • Referrals;
  • Physicians;
  • Clients;
  • Electronic documents.

Implementing our proposals will help make your company’s work processes more efficient and more comfortable to perform. This will affect the quality of your services and, as a result, the satisfaction of your customers.

According to our experience, we would say that following system is easy to integrate into:

  • Zoho;
  • YourMembership;
  • Playmaker.

Now there is a possibility to integrate other domain areas to manage the company’s work processes. There are no limitations to the number of software that can be unified.

In the next blog, we will talk more about these systems and their possibilities. You will be able to see specific examples of how the integration of these or other systems allows the company to have a better workflow and run efficiently from all standpoints.

All integration goals will be implemented dead on to your needs and interests.

What are the problems?

These integrations are not flawless, here is a list of obstacles you might run into:

  • Hard to predict and estimate;
  • Low-level support of the integrated system;
  • There are times when it is not possible to achieve a specific function required.

Based on our experience our results are good. Sometimes we may need to ask for credentials and other security data. When the company does not want to share that type of information, there is nothing we can, however that rarely happens. It’s one of the difficulties that you come across in web API, and unfortunately, we have stories upon stories of these types of incidents.

We are still at it because of the positive impact we make every day. Our team is not just a bunch of suits (robots, developers, that are in the office by 8 and our by 5), we are friends, whose life was touched by Healthcare by one way or the other. We want to make a difference in the world by the only way we know how and that is to deliver fast and quality service.