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Top 10 Logistics Startups in 2018

Supply chains and logistics companies play the market smartly exploiting digital solutions. Startups delivering cutting-edge transportation management systems streamline business processes by targeting areas of need. They wield the power and potential of technology platforms for thorough visibility, real-time tracking, rock-bottom supply costs, and more predictable delivery times.


Logistics Startups in 2018

Multi-million investments in logistics worldwide propel annually. In 2014, a twofold increase from $7 billion to $14 billion was reported, while by 2023 there is a predicted global rise to $15.5 trillion.
As a result, more and more startups focus on developing route planning and fleet management software encouraged by global giants’ interest, e.g. Tyson Foods Inc. made a $19.5 million investment in FoodLogiQ, a food traceability company.


1. Flexport is a freight forwarding software company with a vision of digitizing shipment processes. They believe in efficient trading and provide high-quality end-to-end services. In 2019, the company got a $1 billion investment from the SoftBank Vision Fund to further business initiatives.

2. Nuro is a US-based developer of autonomous delivery vehicles. In 2018 it introduced the R1, an electric driverless local commerce delivery vehicle. The company partnered with Kroger, the largest American grocery retailer by revenue, to put to test self-driving last-mile grocery delivery in June 2018. In 2019, the company got financial backing of $940 million from SoftBank Group.

3. C3IoT has built a reputation for manufacturing tracking sensors and asset tagging. The range of C3 products is based on artificial intelligence principles and IoT technologies to increase delivery speed, monitor IoT sensor health and predict failures (C3 Sensor Health), optimize inventories (C3 Inventory Optimization), etc. The company also specializes in predictive analytics and cloud computing that pay off impressively – Microsoft partnership and a colossal $243 million investment in 2018.

4. Apeel Sciences has made a name after creating a special coating to extend the shelf life of edible products. It’s natural (made from plant extracts) and is used for cutting down on fresh produce waste. Microsoft supported the green vision of the company, contributing to the total investment of $110 million. In 2018, Apeel brought better efficiency to Costco when avocados were made to last longer than usual and Harps stores reported 10% sales increase.

5. With $47 million investment in 2018 and backing from Canaan and Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (freight railroad), Cargomatic is passionate about connecting shippers with customers. The real-time tracking platform centers on trucking marketplace and fleet management. Available on iOS and Android, the app features GPS tracking. The startup specializes in drayage services at ports, as well as full truckload and less-than-truckload services.

Logistics Startups in 2018
With Uber Technologies Inc. as a real hit in the US ride-hailing industry and self-driving truck pioneer, solving autonomous trucking challenges was at heart of numerous startups. Founded in 2018, Kodiak Robotics focuses 100% efforts and finances ($40 million) on autonomous technology for trucking.


6. ShipChain is number one blockchain logistics startup of 2018 with $30 million investment. Blockchain technologies are applied to make a coordinated solution for transparency and trust, secure shipping and smart transportation environment. Along with the blockchain documentation system which minimizes fraud and loss risks, they’ve delivered The Track and Trace platform aimed at inside-chain-all-carriers tracking.

7. In the robotized era, Commonsense Robotics makes warehousing digitized in rhyme with motto Get Fresh Faster. Creating robots for micro-fulfillment centers, the Israeli company builds up delivery to online customers efficiency within an hour. The product is perfect for urban areas (there is a contract with Israeli discount grocer Rami Levy for 12 fulfillment sites) and got a $26 million investment.

8. AI-powered, ClearMetal set the foot into the logistics market to track order shipments around the globe with an option of choosing carriers with the most dependable and timely services, as well as delay estimations. The aim is to provide supply chain and logistics analytics with organized, easy-to-access and efficient-to-predict data and has already won Panalpina over as a partner. The total investment in 2018 was $12 million.

9. Based in Spain, Nextail Labs offer hot-button automated solutions for optimizing commercial inventory management. They advertise their product as a unique end-to-end store transfers solution for agile retailing and smart allocation decisions. The funding raise was $10 million in 2018.


Logistics and transportation startups are game-changing innovators that bring to life principles of safety and sustainability, transparency and efficiency, accountability and risk management. Gaining traction, they rock the industry by perfecting freight management, route optimization, and vehicle tracking solutions.

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