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Medical Software Development
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Solved Issues

Tons of paperwork

To run efficiently Home Healthcare Organizations accumulate substantial amount of documents. In order to save time and money, and to be environmentally friendly, electronic PDF documents are now used instead. This is the quickest and easiest solution to this type of situation.

Schedule Dislike

Scheduling is one of the most important parts of Home Healthcare services, unfortunately it is also the most complained about service in the given field, according to recent statistics. Smart Scheduling could solve these issues, so that the nurses would not have to drive hours upon hours wasting gas and putting mileage on their vehicles.

Breaching of the Schedule

Each delayed or a missed visit creates problems for Home Healthcare companies. Controlling clock in and out times, GPS locations of caregivers, receiving client signatures after each visit all of the above improves the quality of performance, reports and validity of payroll.

Employee down time

Using mobile applications or text messaging to switch shifts with other employees, pick up an extra shift or call out is much faster and more efficient than calling a supervisor or other caregiver each time. This saves a lot of time and energy, which optimizes employee workflow and efficiency of company in general.

The troubles of communication

Nurses require supervision and communication. In case of substitution, patients have to call several nurses to find out who can substitute. Solution based on mobile applications or text messages can end this problem. With their help the selection and management of staff will become much easier and faster.

System integration

Having to use separate applications for each service is very inconvenient, especially when providing many different services. It is much more convenient and effective to have all the services in one place. We will be able to merge, split or customize your services to your liking.

The solutions we offer

Lots of working systems solve different problems. It often happens that the data from one system needs to be reported on another one and other way around. Integrating data between systems is an actual problem solved by us for systems like Zoho, DeVero, Playmaker and others.

Billing Reports are very important for healthcare home agencies. Creating, filing and processing all types of custom reports and keeping them on a PC saves lots paper, employee time and room.

Home Health Care is one of those fields where managing staff is utmost important but difficult task to do, since the caregivers travel a lot and perform tasks remotely. Controlling clock in/out times and tasks list proves to be quite difficult, but when done right is very important.

The worker’s schedule is influenced by many factors, such as the distance between visits, nurse skills, her/his workload. Schedule allows to solve problems with the vacancies in the staff load, the nurses‘ dissatisfaction with the long distances and the time windows between visits (top 1 nurse complaint according to the statistics of the companies’ reviews).

Home healthcare organizations are still using paper documents in their workflow. Unfortunately, it is not ecologically safe, and is it time consuming as documents need to be delivered, signed and brought back. With the help of ESignatures all of the above issues are dissolved.

Mobile chats within the application save time, effort and make it very convenient between staff to communicate with each other. Phone calls are kept to a minimum, while members may communicate safely between each other other.

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