Setting new standards of making custom web and mobile applications.

What We do

  • 01Android and iOS
  • 02Wearables
  • 03TV
  • 04IoT

We create responsive mobile applications using Angular, React Native, and Ionic to run on an extensive range of devices.

  • 01Planning
  • 02Prototyping
  • 03Development and testing
  • 04Maintenance

We build stand-alone and easy-to-integrate products for big screens delivering performance with bullet-proof testing.

  • 01Requirements analysis
  • 02Data collection
  • 03Strategy development
  • 04Implementation plan

Our b-consulting team designs marketing strategies to help you accomplish your business goals in both the short and long run.

  • 01Vision systems
  • 02Data science
  • 03Machine and deep learning
  • 04Neural networks

We craft AI solutions to cater to end user needs, scaling from simple to advanced algorithms, with laser focus on data analysis, machine and deep learning.

  • 01Schematic design
  • 02Layout and routing
  • 03Prototyping and testing
  • 04Embedded firmware development

From concept to production, we build an assortment of custom PCB and firmware using IoT, robotics, and mechatronics.

  • 01Multi-type design
  • 02Kinematic and dynamic modelling
  • 03Prototyping and testing
  • 04Regulatory compliance

With solid experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, we develop products using multiple services to deliver quality and user satisfaction.

Who we are

Open positions


  • Analytical mindset
  • Upper-intermediate English skills 
  • Knowledge of Internet marketing general principles and major promotion channels
  • A rigorous and problem solving attitude
  • Professional development drive 
  • 1+ year experience as a Targeting/ SMM Manager


  • Analyzing and choosing target audience
  • Market and competition analysis to create marketing strategy 
  • Setting ad accounts
  • Making creatives and ads 
  • Creating and carrying out FB, Instagram, Linkedin campaigns
  • Testing and optimizing ad campaigns
  • Ad budgeting
  • Analyzing results and making reports
  • Selecting and working with service contractors: designers, photographs, technical writers
  • Dealing with partners and bloggers

We are looking for a person who will be the voice of the company. As part of our marketing team, you will generate fresh ideas to create effective content.


  • fluent upper-intermediate English
  • excellent writing skills in English

The experience of writing English content for the US market will be a plus.


  • creating gripping easy-to-read content for the company blog
  • interweaving keywords and phrases
  • technical complexity — middle

If you have a passion to learn something new and a niche to get into cutting-edge technologies and grow as a professional along with our team, you are a candidate for us!

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